VisaIS - Visa Issuance System allows Visa issuing according to ICAO Doc 9303. Visas may be issued on consulates or in border control. VisaIS enrollment station allows colleting applicant identification information, including passport and residence address.
Before the printing the visa all travel related information must be collected.
VisaIS may be installed in a single-user environment or in networked environment, depending on the issuing point needs.

To get the photograph on the Visa, the user may use a scanner to  get it from a form; Use a photograph already on hard disc or simply using a camera like a webcam.

The layout on the Visa elements may be changed by the application administrator. The Visa may be printed on a blank sheet or on a pre-printed sheet.

To make data collection easy, applicant data may be read from the passport using a passport reader. Just reading the passport the identification information and the passport information gets automaticly into the application.

The applicants cost of the Visa may seted in 3 different currencies, according to the ones more significant to the issuing point.

Payments management
All payments related to the Visa Issuing are managed by VisaIS.
All management functions are completely transparent to the end user. This means that the user just sees the receipt issuance, but payments reports are issued to the management.
It easy to check how many Visas were issued and which payments were made.

A shift manager may issue those reports to check which payments where receive by whom. 
The receipts may be issued on the same printer used to print the Visas or in a POS like printer.