twSIC - Consular Information System

twSIC – Consular Information System allows the management of all consular acts in a simple and intuitive way.

Consular services, in each country, have to take over the public services of the country represented here. However there are some acts that are exclusive of particular consular services. 

As a general rule, all consular acts finishs with the issuance of a document, and the payment of a fee.

twSIC also allows the registration of acts not foreseen initially. These acts may have standard or user-defined templates. Each model/template created in the system can be reused.
Issued documents can be of very different natures, such as Nationality Certificates, Birth Certificates, certificate Matrimonial Capacity.
twSIC also supports social intervention process, such as support for evacuated patients. It ables to manage the administrative process and the funds that are due for the patient while abroad.  
The base configuration includs the issuance of a Consular ID Card, which contains the identification data, photograph, signature of the holder among other standard information for this kind of card. For this type of document must be provided a printer able to print on PVC or polycarbonate cards, with measures and shape of credit card. 
To capture the holder's photograph a scanner can be used or an image upload, or more simply, directly capture using a simple camera such as a Webcam.
twSIC also allows you to capture and storage biometric data, using special scanning equipment. Biometric data to be digitally collected are fingerprints, photograph, signature. 
A document management component allows each process can have associated with all related documents in digital format. These documents can be imported by uploading, or directly from a scanner.

The revenues generated from the consular acts fees may be charged at any stage of the process.
Each user will receive an receipt with the details of the required acts, value payed and information how the payment was made (cash, bank transfer, ATM, etc.).

The invoices / receipts can be issued using various types of printer paper (A4; A5; POS printer, etc.)

There are standard reports for 3 different areas:

  • Production – Different selection criterias on ow information was recorded.
  • Statistics – Statistics data on main processes.
  • Finance – Reports over the revenue.

Each user has an associated User Profile, that defines the organizational unit to which he/she belongs and the access rights granted.  

Functionalities overview:

  • Individual record - Data is reused for applicants that already have requested a consular act.  
  • Biometric data capture  
  • Photograph capture using:  
    • Webcam  
    • Scanner  
    • File upload  
  • Photograph capture directly from the passport(only with e-Passport)  
  • Photograph enhancement after capture.  
  • Photograph resize to standard measures.  
  • Identification and/or document check over a blacklist 
  • Layout for the card issuance fully configurable.  
  • Card issued on blank cards or on pre-printed cards.  
  • Revenue management  
  • Reports