Passport issuance

The following diagram illustrates the standard steps for a passport issuance


Most countries are issuing passports compliant with ICAO 9303 document recomendations. Issuing passport according to these recomendations, grants the passport recognition in all countries.


twPASSIS supports all process from receiving the application till deliver of the passport.


The application can be submited as a traditional paper application form, electronically via a kiosk or receiving request via an external system.


Each step can be performed by different users, with specific user profile. So, this possibility of segregation of task enhance the security of all process.

twPASSIS is able to manage the booklet personalization on different issuance scenarios. Personalization request can be send to local printers, a centralized printer system or to an external printing system. These scenarios can be mixed on the same system. For instance, you may print Temporary/Emergency passports locally and Common / Service / Diplomatic passports on a central printing system. 

Funcionalities overview

  • Application input via many channels - Paper form; Kiosk; external system
  • Task segregation supported by different user profiles
  • Internal support of a Blacklist
  • Support for an external blacklist
  • Biometric data can be collected via paper form; kiosk ou attached live capture devices
  • Full audit information for all steps for each process
  • Support for many/mixed printing scenarios.